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  • How can I register for GTSKV as a transporter?

    As a transporter, you can register with SKV by completing the general registration form. You can find the registration form on the Downloads page.

  • How do I register an SKV registration site?

    You can apply as an SKV registration point via the following registration form. You can find it here.

    More information about the conditions and requirements that an SKV registration place must meet can be found on the GTSKV page.

  • How can I submit a GTSKV report?

    You can submit a GTSKV report via or via one of the web services. To be able to submit a report, you must be registered as a transporter and the transport units and drivers must be registered and approved. If you have any questions about this, please contact SKV at or +31 (0) 30-6941916.