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Consumers want a tasty piece of veal, but it also needs to be safe. In other words, it should not contain any substances that do not belong there. In order to offer extra security and confidence, the Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Sector (SKV) was established in 1990. Today, nearly the entire production chain participates in SKV. SKV aims to promote the quality of veal and calf feeds and to guarantee that veal is produced in accordance with established quality requirements and without using undesirable growth-promoting agents. To this end, SKV employees perform inspections in every link of the production chain and at various levels, both on-site and administratively.


The SKV inspectors perform unannounced inspections, including at veal calf farmers, veal-processing companies and calf feed manufacturers and traders who have joined SKV. During the inspection, veal calves are visually checked and, among other things, urine samples from veal calves and samples from calf feeds are taken. Administrative checks are also performed and inspectors visit veal-processing companies to take samples there.

In addition, SKV has been appointed by the Stichting Brancheorganisatie Kalversector (SBK) as the Certifying Body for the Vitaal Kalf quality system. In this context, SKV performs inspections and certifications at veal farmers, processors and collection centres. Checkpoints include animal welfare, use of veterinary medicines and registration, hygiene in relation to antibiotic use and reduction of antibiotic use, I&R, pest control, the quality of the young calf, drinking water quality and the inspections for prohibited substances and compliance with regulations for transport and slaughter, weighing and classification of calves.

SKV accreditation

SKV is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). The accreditation offers guarantees to all national and international buyers that the inspection and audits of the production process comply with set conditions. In this way, SKV also demonstrates that the activities are carried out independently and impartially. SKV is accredited for performing inspections for prohibited substances in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO/IEC/17020 (accreditation number I034). SKV is accredited in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17065 (accreditation number C318) for certifications under the Product Certification Regulations (PCR) and Vitaal Kalf veal farmers and processors. The RvA checks annually whether SKV still meets the requirements set in the specific standard.
For more information about the RvA’s working method and the various standards, please visit www.rva.nl.

Chain assurance

Private quality systems, such as SKV, can help promote the assurance of food safety and strengthen food integrity. In this context, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has established criteria that private quality systems must comply with. SKV’s inspection system, which monitors the absence of prohibited growth-promoting substances, is recognised by the NVWA and included in the overview of accepted quality systems. More information can be found at www.ketenborging.nl.


The SKV Board consists of three members, Johan de Leeuw, Jan van der Greef en Matthé Elema.

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