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Welcome to Stichting Kwaliteitsgarantie Vleeskalveren.

About us

SKV was founded to promote the quality of veal and to guarantee that veal is produced without the use of undesirable growth-promoting agents.


Join SKV as a veal farmer, legal owner, collection centre, processor or transporter, and demonstrate that you meet the current quality requirements within the veal sector.


SKV is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO/IEC/17020 for monitoring prohibited substances. For the certifications in the context of PCR and Vitaal Kalf according to NEN-ISO/IEC 17065.

Sphere of activity

SKV is the specialist in the field of inspections, audits and sampling in the veal sector. SKV employees have the very latest equipment at their disposal to automatically register the results of inspections and testing. This means that all parties in the veal-calf sector can often be given the data they require on the very same day.

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Vitaal Kalf quality scheme

Stichting Brancheorganisatie Kalversector (SBK) has appointed SKV as the Certifying Body for the Quality System Vitaal Kalf. In this context, SKV performs inspections and certifications at veal farmers, processors and collection centres. Important subjects within the quality scheme include the quality of the young calf, water quality, hygiene in relation to antibiotic use, frequent use of antibiotics, transport, monitoring prohibited substances and rules for slaughtering, weighing and classifying calves of up to the age of 8 months.

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VKI Form

As of 1 January 2009, livestock farmers are obliged to provide Food Chain Information (Voedselketeninformatie, VKI) with animals sent to the slaughterhouse. SKV provides the slaughterhouse with part of the information digitally. The veal farmer must supply another part of the mandatory information by means of a VKI form.

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