Quality certificate


When an SKV affiliate reports there are veal calves ready for slaughter on the farm, an SKV inspector will visit the location to perform a final visual inspection of the herd. If, based on this inspection, the SKV inspector has no reason to suspect that the animals have been given any banned substances – and if any samples that were taken have proven that no forbidden substances were detected in the herd – a quality certificate is granted for the relevant group of animals.

SKV veal calves may only be slaughtered after a quality certificate has been issued for the herd in question. Slaughterhouses affiliated to the SKV may only slaughter veal calves that are accompanied by a quality certificate.

An example of the Quality certificate can be found in attachment II of the SKV Inspection and Sanction Regulations.

CQV en CRQV logo

The carcasses of SKV veal calves are stamped with the Controlled Quality Veal (CQV) logo for white veal calves and the Controlled Quality Rose Veal (CQRV) for rosé veal calves. This immediately shows customers that the veal originates from calves that have been inspected and tested independently and intensively for the presence of undesirable growth promoters. The meat can therefore safely be sold on to the consumer.