Vitaal Kalf Quality Scheme


The entire veal chain is covered by the Vitaal Kalf Quality Scheme (in English: Vital Calf). In addition to veal farmers, transporters, collection centres and processors can also participate. With this quality scheme, the veal sector has taken the next step in the continuous improvement of the quality of veal as an end product. Important subjects within the quality scheme include the quality of the young calf, water quality, hygiene in relation to antibiotic use, frequent use of antibiotics, transport, as well as monitoring prohibited substances and rules for the slaughter, weighing and classification of calves of up to the age of 8 months.

Stichting Brancheorganisatie Kalversector (SBK) is the scheme manager of the quality system and has accredited SKV as the Certifying Body (CB). The scheme manager draws up the Vitaal Kalf regulations; SKV performs Vitaal Kalf checks and assesses whether farms meet the quality requirements. Upon completion of the inspection, the farm will receive a ‘Vitaal Kalf’ certificate. From that moment on, these farms are also included in the Vitaal Kalf register.

More information regarding Vitaal Kalf regulations, relevant appendices and forms can be found on the SBK website: